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Purpose of AWDIT

Our national defense depends on a professional Acquisition, Technical and Logistics (AT&L) Workforce for providing the weapons, services and infrastructure required for success in war and peace. These vital AT&L workforce responsibilities require all military and civilian members from the Uniformed Services and DoD Agencies to receive continuous career training and growth opportunities. Complete and accurate data are required for leaders in Congress, the Uniformed Services and Defense Agencies making informed decisions affecting ATLWF organization, training and assignments. The DAU Acquisition Workforce Data Improvement Tool provides DOD a means for satisfying these requirements through accurately reporting personnel composition and acquisition education, experience, and training status. The database is structured to meet the intent of workforce information requirements defined in The Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) of 1990, and as specifically detailed in DODI 5000.55. As a member of the AT&L Workforce, your role is essential in helping ensure this database is accurate and up to date. We appreciate you taking the time to periodically review your information and pursuing corrections, if required.